NST Audio

NST Audio provide world class processors and DSP products with a focus on amazing sound quality and user friendly operation. A range of installation and Dante enabled products are also available. Sound Services are official UK distributors for the brand and our team have years of experience using NST products in countless touring and installation environments.

Supporting the uncompromised audio quality and design is the D-Net DSP control software. Available for PC, Mac and iPad, the simple intuitive user interface automatically discovers all ethernet or wifi connected NST devices with ease. Offline system design is available with the abilty to then send configurations to devices once on site, as well as advanced system design features such as device linking, custom parameter locks and system snapshots.

NST Audio

VR1 remote

Programmed via NST D-Net software, the VR1 remote control offers an elegent control solution for installations utalising NST and Full Fat Audio DSP processing. The panel is designed to be mounted in a standard single gang UK wallbox with communication and power over an ethernet connection. A network of multiple VR1 remotes and NST processors can be establishing with standard PoE (power over ethernet) switches allowing venue staff to access simplfied control of an installated system. The customisable VR1 interface can allow control of:

-Channel and matrix gain controls and mutes


-Preset recall

-Input selection

-Custom labeling per remote including custom background image.

A 128 x 128 pixel colour LCD display screen allows custom labeling per remote including background image making the VR1 remote the perfect accompaniment to any professional venue installation.

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