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Professional Staging Hire in London

For staging hire in London and its immediate area, Sound Services Ltd can provide you with a comprehensive staging hire service. Using industry standard Litedeck equipment, we comply with all relevant legislation.
The Litedeck staging equipment is a modular set up, offering flexibility for any type and size of stage whether you want an indoor stage for a commercial event or a large outdoor stage for a festival.
As part of our staging hire London service, we can also supply you with braced DJ tables, roofs, lighting and of course PA systems, microphones and more to ensure you have a complete stage set-up for your event.

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LitedeckDaily PriceWeekly Price
Litedeck 8' by 4'N/A£29.50 + VAT
Litedeck 8' by 2'N/A£26.00 + VAT
Litedeck 6' by 2'N/A£25.00 + VAT
Litedeck 4' by 2'N/A£22.00 + VAT
Litedeck 4' by 4'N/A£25.00 + VAT
*4 x legs up to 4ft included with each deck
1' Aluminum legN/A£0.35 + VAT
2' Aluminum legN/A£0.70 + VAT
3' Aluminum legN/A£1.00 + VAT
3'6 Aluminum leg (for bars)N/A£1.25 + VAT
4' Steel legN/A£1.50 + VAT
5' Steel legN/A£1.80 + VAT
6' Steel legN/A£2.10 + VAT
9' Steel leg/bracingN/A£3.00 + VAT
Adjustable leg for uneven groundN/A£2.50 + VAT
8' handrailN/A£13.00 + VAT
4' handrailN/A£10.00 + VAT
Swivel clip to join legs/bracingN/A£0.40 + VAT
90 degree clip to join legs/bracingN/A£0.40 + VAT
6" braked wheel for rolling riser (each)N/A£5.00 + VAT
Wooden steps to 2ft heightN/A£10.00 + VAT
2.5m x 2.5m stage roof/industrial pop up gazebo£75.00 + VAT£225.00 + VAT
4.5m x 3m stage roof/industrial pop up gazebo£100.00 + VAT£300.00 + VAT
6m x 3m stage roof/industrial pop up gazebo£125.00 + VAT£375.00 + VAT
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