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Funktion One F124 hire


£100.00 + VAT per day

£300.00 + VAT per week

1500w passive single 24″ subwoofer.


The F124 takes Funktion One’s bass loading and driver technology to the next level. Two voice coils and intense magnetic flux control the 24” cone with impressive accuracy, ensuring excellent transient response and extended depth to below 30Hz. This combination of mid-bass speed and impact with low-bass extension from a single enclosure, makes the F124 the perfect bass partner for Evolution systems and other Funktion One mid-high products.


Amplification available separately. Please note, the F124 forms part of a larger system and requires an experienced engineer to deploy- please contact us for advice and for a quote. In most cases other than large events, our smaller Funktion One packages can offer a more suitable, lower cost and easy to set up option.

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