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XTA DPA324 SIDD digital dynamics processor hire


£35.00 + VAT per day

£105.00 + VAT per week

2 channel digital dynamics processor. Each channel features:


6 band paramentric EQ, also configurable as high/low pass filters.


Compressor with two bands of sidechain equalisation.


Noise gate / expander with sidechain.


Delay line with separate ‘A.D.T’ module that may be routed to the auxiliary


A ‘brickwall’ limiter with sidechain EQ and ‘look ahead’ ability for preemptive
adaptation to signal peaks, and so complete prevention of overshoot.


A harmonics generator to introduce controlled levels of second and third
harmonic distortion, for simulation of ‘valve’ sound characteristics.


Supplied in flight-case with IEC power cable.

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