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Outboard and signal processing hire

Below is a list of compressors, gates, EQ’s, speaker management systems, noise limiting systems and FX units that we have available to rent in our hire inventory- this outboard is all well suited for use with our range of analogue Midas mixing desks.

Our Funktion One XO4A and NST Audio D48s speaker DSP processors are a favorite due to the smooth, transparent sound and user friendly software control.

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Please remember that all of our prices are ex VAT @ 20%

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Daily PriceWeekly Price
DBX 160a compressor£15.00 + VAT£45.00 + VAT
FFA / NST Audio ID48 processor£45.00 + VAT£135.00 + VAT
NST D48S processor£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Klark Teknik DN 504 4 way compressor£17.00 + VAT£51.00 + VAT
Klark Teknik DN514 4 way gate£17.00 + VAT£51.00 + VAT
XTA GQ600 31 band EQ£20.00 + VAT£60.00 + VAT
XTA RTA1 real time analyser£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
XTA SIDD digital compressor£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Funktion One XO4A processor£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Formula Sound AVC2£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Yamaha SPX 90 FX unit£20.00 + VAT£60.00 + VAT
Yamaha SPX 990 FX unit£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Lexicon PCM 81 FX unit£35.00 + VAT£105.00 + VAT
Lexicon PCM 91 FX unit£35.00 + VAT£105.00 + VAT
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