Outboard & Signal Processing

Equipment to compliment our analogue desks plus digital signal processors.

Below is a list of compressors, gates, EQ’S, speaker management systems, noise limiting systems and FX units that we have available to rent in our hire inventory.

Items like these are being used less and less in a live environment due to digital mixing desks having lots of built in DSP although we still prefer a nice analogue Midas mixer and a rack of outboard!

We are now using the new FFA NST Audio ID48 processors due to the smooth, transparent sound and also the fact that they work with Apple Macs! We still have Funktion One XTA Xo4s in stock if front panel control is needed.

Please remember that all of our prices are ex VAT @ 20%

Daily PriceWeekly Price
DBX 160a compressor£15.00 + VAT£45.00 + VAT
FFA / NST Audio ID48 processor£45.00 + VAT£135.00 + VAT
NST D48S processor£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Klark Teknik DN 504 4 way compressor£17.00 + VAT£51.00 + VAT
Klark Teknik DN514 4 way gate£17.00 + VAT£51.00 + VAT
XTA GQ600 31 band EQ£20.00 + VAT£60.00 + VAT
XTA RTA1 real time analyser£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
XTA SIDD digital compressor£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Funktion One XO4A processor£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Formula Sound AVC2£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Yamaha SPX 90 FX unit£20.00 + VAT£60.00 + VAT
Yamaha SPX 990 FX unit£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Lexicon PCM 81 FX unit£35.00 + VAT£105.00 + VAT
Lexicon PCM 91 FX unit£35.00 + VAT£105.00 + VAT