Mixing Desk Hire

Mixing Desk Console Hire in London

We have a selection of analogue mixing desks for hire and have recently updated our hire inventory with some digital models. 

If you are unsure which mixing desk you require then please get in touch and we can advise you. We can supply anything from a small 12 channel Allen and Heath Z12 desk up to a 40 channel Midas Verona mixing desk.

All mixing desk consoles come with a flight case and cables.

Digital mixing desks available on request. We stock many makes of original Midas analogue mixers such as Venices, Veronas and Siennas.

We have recently taken delivery of a Yamaha QL1 and new RIO 3224 rack (96KHZ model)

We have 2 S16 stage boxes available for the Behringer X32 mixing desk if 32 channels are needed

All mixing desks are PAT tested every year and certificated can be provided on request.

Please remember that all of our prices are ex VAT @ 20%

Allen & Heath ConsolesDaily PriceWeekly Price
Allen & Heath ZED (12 channel)£20.00 + VAT£60.00 + VAT
Allen & Heath QU16 digital mixing desk£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Behringer Consoles Daily Price £Weekly Price £
Behringer S16 rack£25 + VAT£75 + VAT
Cadac Consoles Daily Price £Weekly Price £
Cadac Live One 1642 analogue 16 channel mixing desk£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Mackie Consoles Daily Price £Weekly Price £
Mackie 1604VLZ4 16ch mixing desk£40.00 + VAT£120.00 + VAT
Midas Consoles Daily Price £Weekly Price £
Midas Venice F16 16 channel mixing desk with Firewire interface£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Midas Venice 160 analogue 16 channel mixing desk£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Midas Venice 320 analogue 32 channel mixing desk£80.00 + VAT£240.00 + VAT
Midas Verona 400 analogue 40 channel mixing desk£130.00 + VAT£390.00 + VAT
Midas Sienna 400 analogue 40 channel mixing desk£140.00 + VAT£420.00 + VAT
Yamaha ConsolesDaily PriceWeekly Price
Yamaha CL5 digital mixing desk£275 + VAT£825 + VAT
Yamaha QL1 digital mixing desk£150 + VAT£450 + VAT
Yamaha RIO 3224 rack for above desk£75 + VAT£225 + VAT