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RØDECaster Pro™ Podcast production studio hire

Podcast mic hirePodcast mic hire

£45.00 + VAT per day

£135.00 + VAT per week

Podcast recording equipment hire with the The RØDECaster Pro™ is a simple and easy to use all in one recording solution for up to 4 microphones with built in intelligent processing on each channel including compression, noise gates and de-essers to enhance your podcast.


Eight sound effect pads allow instant firing of effects, sound cues, intro music and even pre-recorded interviews. The sound pads can be configured by connecting a PC or Mac and have their own volume control on the unit.


Two additional inputs allow audio via USB from a computer or Bluetooth from a phone / iPod, allowing you to record a podcast with an external desk over the phone or via video call with Zoom / Skype etc.


Four headphone outputs with independant volume control give a monitoring option for your podcast guests. There is also a fifth stereo left / right output allowing the option of monitor loudspeakers to also be used (useful for playing back your recorded podcast).


The unit records to a micro SD card, either stereo mix of all the inputs or multitrack allowing for post mixing with your chosen DAW software or livesteaming via a computer. The unit also acts as a USB audio interface for direct recording to DAW software. The 8 hot cue buttons can even be mapped as MIDI controls for DAW software or assigned to cameras on OBS to quickly change camera angles during video live streams.


Combine with our EV RE-20 microphones and K&M desk arms for a complete podcast recording package,

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