Mains Distro, Cabling, Stands

We Hire Professional Mains Distros, Cabling and Stands

We now have expanded our hire inventory to include a large selection of mains distro, cabling, stands. 

We have a comprehensive range of microphone stands, speaker stands, trussing and rigging equipment available to hire.

We also have a large quantity of mains distribution units as well as mains cabling available for rental. We have 3 phase distribution units as well as single phase units available as well as 16a and 13a options. 

We use Rubber Box distribution units which are rated as standard to IP44 which means that they are easily capable of resisting rain. 
Call us for more details and advice.

Please remember that all of our prices are ex VAT @ 20%.

MulticoresDaily Price Weekly Price
VDC 50m 40/8 multicore£75.00 + VAT£225.00 + VAT
VDC 10m 12 way stagebox£15.00 + VAT£45.00 + VAT
VDC 10m 8 way stagebox£10.00 + VAT£30.00 + VAT
VDC 5m 8 way stagebox£7.50 + VAT£22.50 + VAT
VDC 15m 4 way stagebox£5.00 + VAT£15.00 + VAT
Beyerdynamic GST400/500 tall boom mic Stand£2.50 + VAT£7.50 + VAT
Beyerdynamic GST 590 short boom mic stand£2.50 + VAT£7.50 + VAT
Beyerdynamic ST 600 round base tall straight mic stand£2.50 + VAT£7.50 + VAT
Proel desktop mic stand£1.50 + VAT£4.50 + VAT
Z bar mic holder for use with guitar amp£2.00 + VAT£6.00 + VAT
Lighting Stand & T Bar£4.50 + VAT£13.50 + VAT
Manfrotto Wind Up Stand£15.00 + VAT£45.00 + VAT
Single tier keyboard stand£5.00 + VAT£15.00 + VAT
Laptop stand£5.00 + VAT£15.00 + VAT
Pioneer CDJ 2000 stand (each)£15.00 + VAT£45.00 + VAT
EV SX300 hanging bracket£7.50 + VAT£22.50 + VAT
Prolyte 3 point truss (2m section)£15.00 + VAT£45.00 + VAT
Prolyte 3 point truss (3m section)£25.00 + VAT£75.00 + VAT
Prolyte 3 point truss (4m section)£33.00 + VAT£99.00 + VAT
Prolyte 3 point truss base plate to mount truss vertically£2.00 + VAT£6.00 + VAT
Powerdrive Truss adapter to mount truss on Manfrotto stands (pair)£4.50 + VAT£13.50 + VAT
10M ratchet strap (5T hooked)£1.50 + VAT£4.50 + VAT
3M ratchet strap (1T hooked or hook-less)£1.00 + VAT£1.00 + VAT
Pair of Funktion One Res 2 flying yokes inc squaring brackets£20.00 + VAT£60.00 + VAT
Various Funktion One ground stack kitsP.O.AP.O.A