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Chauvet Freedom Par Hex 4 battery powered LED uplighter hire


£25.00 + VAT per day

£75.00 + VAT per week

100% wireless battery powered up-lighter. RGBA LEDs with mixing to create a wide rnage of colours. Built in programs for sound to light, fades etc.


Built in DiFi transceiver for wireless DMX control or set a master unit to transmit to other fixtures. Control from phone/tablet with Flarecon app (FlareCON air transceiver unit required).


IP54 rated for temporary resistance to rain, snow, dirt and sand.


Supplied with IR remote for easy set up- just point to each unit to adjust colour, brightness and inbuilt programs.


Threaded hole for half coupler attahcment to rig from truss.


Up to 20 hours battery life!


Non water resistant IP version available.


Supplied fully charged with case, IR remote and charging cable.

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