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Pioneer DJS1000 DJ Sampler

£50.00 + VAT per day

£150.00 + VAT per week

Standalone 16 track, dynamic DJ sampler unit. Add the DJS 1000 to your existing DJ set up to create unique sounds and phrases in advance, on the fly or loop smaples. Start performing right away with the pre-loaded loop master high quality sample.


Load up to 16 samples to the larrge rubber pads to fire off on the fly, Multi-coloured LEDs show which samples are playing and velocity mode allows volume control depending on the amount of pressure applied.


16 step sequencer- create new groves with the large step keys.


Use the pitch bend feaure to skew the pitch via the touch strip.


7 inch touch screen to display all the sampler parameters.


Built in effect to alter samples to fit your mix.


Ultalise the Pioneer ProDJ link to synch tempo to tracks playing on CDJ or DJM FX,


Instantly sample live input sounds and assign them to the sampler or play in a loop.


Supplied in flight-case with power, ethernet and RCA cable.

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