Backline Hire in London

When it comes to performing a live gig in the capital, transporting drum kits and amps can be a hassle and big expense. This is one of the reasons Sound Services Ltd offer backline equipment hire in London, so you can have all your essential pieces of kit with none of the inconvenience.

For backline hire in London, you can always rely on Sound Services Ltd to deliver. We can supply almost any drum kit, guitar amp and other back-line items from named brands such as Sonar Force, Fender and Trace Elliot. This gives you peace of mind that wherever you’re performing, you have high quality backline equipment on stage.

Where possible we try to be flexible with backline hire in London, understanding that some bands may need one-off daily hire or for longer periods if they’re heading out on tour. All you need to do is let us know your specific requirements and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

With Sound Services Ltd you’ll be working with experienced consultants and technicians who will help you every step of the way.

Please remember that all of our prices are ex VAT @ 20%

BacklineDaily Price £Weekly Price £
Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 IV Guitar Amplifier w/ Fender Foot Switch & Flight Case£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe "Texas Red" 1 x 12'' guitar amplifier£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Fender Twin Reverb guitar amplifier 2 x 12''£50.00 + VAT£150.00 + VAT
Fender Strat American Special Stratocaster HSS Guitar - black with black scratchplate£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Fender Strat American Standard - Olympic white with white scratchplate£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Fender Telecaster American Standard - trans blonde with white scratchplate£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Laney BC75 15'' bass combo amp£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
M Audio Oxygen 61 MK4 USB MIDI controller£30.00 + VAT£90.00 + VAT
Vox AC30 2x12 guitar amplifier (1970s vintage)£60.00 + VAT£180.00 + VAT
Sonor Force 3005 Drum Kit£70.00 +VAT£210.00 +VAT
Single tier keyboard stand£5.00 + VAT£15.00 + VAT
Laney bass combo amp£30.00 +VAT£90.00 +VAT