Audio Equipment Hire

Audio Equipment Hire in London

At Sound Services Ltd, we have created a number of audio packages as listed below.

We have smaller EV systems but the most popular and best sounding systems by far are the Funktion One packages. As well as the below smaller packages, we also have larger systems consisting of EVO 6 / F121 / Infrabass but these systems are customised specifically to the job dependant on the room, the amount of people and the event etc. If you are interested in one of these larger systems then please get in touch.

The smallest system we have is the Micro High Quality House Party Funktion One System. This is perfect for smallish house parties and consists of 2 x F5 speakers, 1 x SB8 sub and an FFA DSP amplifier plus all required stands and cabling.

The Mini Funktion One package is perfect for house parties and smaller venues. It consists of an SB210A powered sub and 2 X F101 mid high speakers and includes stands and cables.

The next system up is the Compact Funktion One package which consists of 2 BR115 subs and 2 F101s along with a FFA 6004 DSP amplifier. A great system for functions where more sub bass is required.

And then we have the ever popular Small Funktion One package (pictured below) which consists of 2 BR118 subs and 2 F1201s along with an FFA DSP amplifier; a great system for bigger events and can cater for functions up to around 200 people.

We offer two levels of service for audio equipment hire in London: You can either ‘dry hire’ audio packages, which means you pick up them up from us and return them. Alternatively we offer a complete set up service, where one of our experienced technicians will deliver, set up, and collect the equipment from your venue for an additional cost.

At Sound Services Ltd we go that extra mile to give our customers exceptional service and confidence in our equipment hire. All our audio equipment is yearly PAT tested and certified, as well as tested by our technicians before and after each use, giving you peace of mind that there won’t be any technical issues on the day/night.

Working with top of the range audio equipment, Sound Services Ltd can offer high quality audio packages to suit your next event whether it’s a wedding, club night, birthday party or a live band performance.

We now have a bluetooth receiver which can be used with any of our systems to stream music from your phone, laptop or music streaming device.

Please remember that all of our prices are ex VAT @ 20%

Audio Package DealsDaily priceWeekly price
EV 500W PA package (2 x EKX 12'' speakers + 2 speaker stands + Dynacord PM502 mixer/amp + SM58 microphone and stand + cabling)£95.00 + VAT£285.00 + VAT
EV 800W PA package (2 x EKX 15'' speakers + 2 speaker stands + Dynacord PM502 mixer/amp + SM58 microphone and stand + cabling)£110.00 + VAT£330.00 + VAT
EV ELX 3000W powered package (2 x ELX 112 powered speakers + 2 x ELX 115 powered subs + 2 speaker poles + cabling)£135.00 + VAT£405.00 + VAT
Micro high quality house party Funktion One package (1 x SB8 + 2 x F5 speakers + FFA DSP amp + stands + cabling)£95.00 + VAT£285.00 + VAT
Mini high quality Funktion One package (1 x SB210A powered sub + 2 x F101 speakers + 2 speakers stands + cabling)£125.00 + VAT£375.00 + VAT
Compact high quality Funktion One package (2 x BR115 subs + 2 x F101 speakers + speaker poles + FFA 6004 DSP amplifier + cabling)£175.00 + VAT£525.00 + VAT
Small high quality Funktion One package (2 x BR118 subs + 2 x F1201 speakers + speaker poles + FFA 6004 DSP amplifier + cabling)£200.00 + VAT£600.00 + VAT
Larger Funktion One systemsPOAPOA